Dear EICC members:

The Embassy International Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has some exciting news for you!! First, in August 2015, the EICC will host a business expo at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. The details concerning the expo will be sent to you soon.

Second, the EICC is in the process of developing a business directory!! Every New Birth member who is a business owner will have the opportunity to advertise their business in the business directory. You will receive more information about the business directory in the near future.

Third, the EICC continues to host “The Business Leaders Roundtable”. At “The Roundtable”, the business leaders get an opportunity to network and netweave with each other. The business leaders get a chance to share valuable insight and information on how to operate a profitable business. The business leaders also get a chance to discover business principles in the Bible that can be applied to their business. “The Roundtable” is held every Saturday morning from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM at Panera Bread Company, 8200 Mall Parkway, Lithonia, GA 30038. You are invited to attend.

Recently, at “The Roundtable”, we have been studying leadership in the Book of Exodus. This week, we will continue this study. In particular, we will start examining how to get a massive group of people to work together and accomplish a singular purpose. As a prelude to our upcoming discussion, I would like to share the following with you.

The first step in getting a group of people to work together is to cast a big vision. Moses did this for the Children of Israel by telling them that they were going to the Promised Land – a land flowing with milk and honey. The second step in getting a group of people to work together is to establish a set of core values that everyone willingly adheres to. This was done when Moses gave the Children of Israel the 10 Commandments. This is what we are going to focus on during the next few weeks. Specifically, each week will take one of the commandments and analyze it. We will analyze it from a Biblical context, a business context, a leadership context, and a profitability context to discover principles that we can use to grow our businesses. Our analysis of the Commandments will not be limited to the Bible. Rather, we request that each person engage in their on research (Biblical or otherwise) on each Commandment and then bring your findings to the group on Saturday for discussion.

This week, we are analyzing the First Commandment – “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3. To prepare for our discussion, we are fasting for three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday). You may engage in any type of fast that God leads you to do.

We are extremely excited about direction that God is taking the EICC and our individual businesses! We hope you will join us on the journey! We look forward to serving you and your business!

May God continue to richly bless you, your family, and all that you do!!

With best regards, I remain

Very truly yours,

Reginald L. Winfrey, Esq.
President, EICC