Pharaoh – The Fearful Leader and The Arrogant Leader

Dear EICC Members:

The Embassy International Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (EICC) trusts that you had a wonderful and prosperous week!! In this email, we will continue our study on leadership. Why are we studying leadership? Well, according to Mike Myatt, “Businesses don’t fail – leaders do.” So, one of the best ways […]

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Moses – A Leader Must Go and Grow

Dear EICC Members:

We hope you are having a tremendous week!!! In August, the EICC is going to host a Business Expo at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. You will receive additional information about the Business Expo in the coming weeks. We look forward to your participation in the expo.

This Saturday, the EICC […]

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A message to our members

Dear EICC members:

The Embassy International Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has some exciting news for you!! First, in August 2015, the EICC will host a business expo at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. The details concerning the expo will be sent to you soon.

Second, the EICC is in the process of developing […]

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